that would [[maim|morbid]]
[[equal|normal]] to what you [[want|higher]]
it was [[kept|safe]] [[away|remainder]]
had no [[emotional|feelings]] [[precision]], [[but|before2]]
in a sudden [[separation|silence]]
cut your\n-[[errors|editor]]\n-[[losses|wound]]\n-[[limbs|surgeon]]
[[bent|limbs]] out of sorts
—[[what]] did you see
—you need to [[decide]]
[[stop]] [[thinking|reason]] in terms of should or should not
[[cause]] it [[ought]] to be enough
everything [[works|form]] out in this scenario
[[who|dad2]] [[knows|must]] what is [[best|standards]] for you
—[[why]] not
—there are almost no side [[effects]]
—you'll be [[happier|higher]]
—you need to be better [[educated|not2]]
[[safety|safe2]] is paramount
now there is a [[struggle|violence]]
—how will i [[know|tell]] [[myself|psych3]]
announce your\n-[[repression]]\n-[[reasoning]]\n-[[failure|challenge]]
—don't [[medicalize|psych2]] me
let a [[surgeon|dad]] take care of that [[limp|depression]]
[[what|feelings2]] is that [[meant|reminder]] to [[tell]]
[[inside]] it's [[blaring|noise]]
[[history]] was resected and,
one [[should]] be able to [[achieve|challenge]] [[anything|goal]]
i [[can't|barrier]] [[bear|anger]] the waiting
—it's [[your|mine]] body
[[technology|screens]] could take you [[there|happy]]
where it's [[silent|remainder]]
[[deletes|remove]] a [[sensation|pain]]
—[[leave|absence]] it in the vanishing
[[oriented|orient]] [[outward|out]]
[[pressed|wound]] too [[close|dad2]]
guard your\n-[[home|morbid]]\n-[[happiness|space]]\n-[[ideals|should]]
set down [[exactly|violence]] right
the [[words|critical]] like [[explode|morbid]]
—i can't do it [[like|higher]] [[this|body]]
[[form]], [[figure]], [[corner]], [[curve]], [[white]],
[[open|feelings]] it up or [[cross|close]] it out
—[[do|enough2]] this [[for|anger]] [[me|disappointment]]
—what [[now|then]] then
see this [[pathology|patient]]
—[[please]] [[activate|ought]] the work and,
there were [[higher]] [[standards]]
—[[be|vibration]] [[careful|safe]]
[[broadcasting|screens]] and saying complaining [[explaining|anger]]
that means [[something|body]] could be [[wrong|not]]
then keep [[turning|accident]] [[apart|limbs]]
[[must]] it be [[formulated|goal]] in [[advance|function]]
after the [[humming|noise]] [[passes|death]] [[awful|love]]
[[slow|body]]. [[please]] slow
take a kitchen [[knife|cut]]
[[floating|unclear]] [[chemical|depression]] states
[[disappointment|feelings]] sets in like a [[bone|limbs]]
—don't [[rush|nervous]] me
[[something|depression]] is [[unclear|flow]]
it [[swells|vibration]] like a [[muscle|body]]
[[bright|happy]] [[like|vibration]] a [[tyrant|editor]]
an aesthetic as an [[anesthetic|which]]
—i am only [[thinking|enough4]] about you
—don't tell [[me|enough3]] what to do
—well can you [[stop]]
flaws are [[burned|critical]] out
out of [[confusion|history]] toward [[order]]
bodies being held [[behind|fold]]
—i've [[wasted|work]] my time
what do you [[need|must]] to [[know|reason]] now
now what a [[happy|happy2]] [[feeling|feelings]]
you can [[move|forward]] on you know
[[more|love]] than i [[asked|please]] for
a [[targeted|caution]] [[strike|violence]]
[[silence|silence2]] is [[a|something]] [[killer|apprehension]]
the [[voice|dad]] is insistent
—well we're here [[now|challenge]]
you [[used|before]] to [[exceed|standards]] yourself
in [[handing|reasoning]] it [[all|screens]] in
—[[this]] is a confusion
an anesthetic as an [[aesthetic|something]]
it's [[overflowing|waste]] now
[[what|this2]] did you [[experience|before]]
it's so [[nicely|nice]]
—[[don't|nervous]] [[do]] this to me
flow was [[blocked|unclear]] somewhere
—how do i [[know]] it's mine
for [[dear|reminder]] life
[[aim|goal]] with [[care|safe]]
you don't [[know|want2]] what you [[want|higher]]
here it [[comes|silence]] again
—you [[should]] have some [[goals|precision]]
[[something|body]] has been [[resected|normal]]
any [[moment|silence]] can [[hurt|disappointment]] [[you|body]]
which is a numbing agent [[and|anesthetic]],
everything is a [[reminder|want]]
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he wants you to [[stay|stop]] [[safe|body]]
which you do [[want|anesthetic]] to [[cross|remove]] out
you finally feel [[normal|patient]]
[[giving|waste]] up the most
—i [[need|nervous]] [[time]]
—well i read about [[this|psych1]]
kindly [[tumor|growth]]
—how much [[more]] will you [[take|sacrifice]]
"A hole in my self progression and examination and reflexive being perception"
[[sort|nerves]] through the pieces
—you're the one [[doing|aesthetic]] it