BEFORE ME,               Olaph the Oxman               a Notary Public in and for said London, on this day personally appeared               6 Copperfield Street London SE1 0EP               Who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes after being inquired by the fact of being burned says THAT he was part of a book which was burned by someone he doesn’t know; THAT this was the starting point of the investigation; THAT the mentioned investigation is the starting point of an exhibition; THAT the mentioned exhibition presents sixteen artists (being them: Ignasi Aballí, Ewa Axelrad, Steve Press, Jane Bustin, Felipe Cohen, Sean Edwards, Jacqueline de Jong, Marlena Kudlicka, Ryan Kuo, Nicolas Lamas, Alexandre Lavet, Adrien Lucca, Morten Norbye Halvorsen, Teppei Soutome, Camila Rocha, Oriol Vilanova); THAT this circular narrative is better explained in the work by Ryan Kuo; THAT for those preferring a quick understanding of the situation, this can be summoned by explaining firstly the space; THAT, having in mind the previous note, we may consider a main and a secondary space as the body and head of Olaph the Oxman, in this case, the exhibition itself; THAT in the main space we see different allusions to a short span of colour tones which refer to various events of a daily narrative: some of them (almost) invisible (the lightning, the hidden camera), others visible by nature (the crash of a car, the skeleton); THAT the secondary space, being the office where I am presently writing this affidavit, is visually and sonorically organized; THAT the windows of the aforementioned second space connect the two spaces, due to letters glued upon them which are taken from Finnegans Wake; THAT is the book that started this investigation; THAT is about the night; THAT is sort of difficult to figure out, like everything that surrounds our mysterious nature; THAT being another aspect that orients the exhibition on an epidermal level (nature being seen on postcards, video, and posters) and in the deeper fascia (the thin hidden layer—comprising miscellaneous aspects that raise concerns about our nature to obliterate, hide, scape, and codify reality—which encloses the exhibition as a whole); THAT in the case that everything thus far has been too complicated, each artist can be seen as alluding to the interrelational structure constructed in this plot; THAT their mutual intersection is the Deixis am Phantasma found in all crime-solving mysteries that activates a disquisitional mechanics of observation, scrutiny, and rumination; THAT reinforces the mental sphere because the matter of the deictic is outside the limits of observation; THAT the mystery itself loses purpose and is eclipsed by other questions; THAT is the clearest he can get before me.

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS     24     DAY OF     September     2019


       Tiago de Abreu Pinto           

Notary Public, London